Shlama Amman~ Peace IS with us!

Does your being tremble with the evolutionary imperative to actualize your infinite potential in service of healing and restoration of the world?

Were you raised within one (or several) of the three Abrahamic world faiths (i.e. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)? If so, do you sense we as a people have yet to discover the fullness of the spiritual wealth that our ancestors hoped would be our inheritance? to benefit from, add to, and pass on?

Do you think it possible that the original words of Jesus (AKA Yeshua) in Aramaic (a sister language to Hebrew and Arabic) might hold a key to the intrinsic unity at the core of the three world faiths from the Near East?  Would it change your world to learn that the very name Yeshua/Jesus/Issa comes from Yah-shua which can be interpreted as “beingness restores”?

We welcome you wholeheartedly, to peruse what we have gleaned (reflections, resources, and practices), and to share how this work touches you.


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