Seedings and Gleanings 

~ refreshing interpretations and explorations of the Aramaic prayer of Yeshua ~

Upon learning the Eastern perspective on key teachings of Jesus/Yeshua, a light goes on in the brain: “Of course, that’s what he meant.”  Confusion and discord dissolve, and his request that we do as he did, and more, become a goal and way of life.  We reclaim a sense of belonging with Sacred Oneness, for ourselves and all beings.  We understand “kingdom” to be “guiding counsel”, and realize that when we connect with Alaha/God/Beloved, as Yeshua did, we can know whatever we need to know, as we need to know it.  What great peace ensues!  Join us as we allow and invite Yeshua’s words in Aramaic to connect us directly with his spirit and genius in a way that transcends the intellect and opens the heart.  Faith in our relationship with Alaha flourishes.  Life, based on compassion, forgiveness, and justice naturally brings forth gratitude, health, and great joy.  Peace prospers within us all, and tension abate throughout the world as we return to the values Yeshua spoke of.  His teachings perfect Jewish-Assyrian wisdom, exemplify the core of Christianity, and are the breath (or spirit) of Allah in Islam.  Thus we have a basis for peaceful co-existence between the three major religions, and, by extension, the encouragement to discuss unifying similarities with other living traditions.

Rahmaneh, Tomas, Chris, Katie, Lytingale, Sajjaad, Sherman, Diane, Susan, Rory, Richard, Costanza, Michelle

~ refreshing interpretations and explorations of the Aramaic prayer of Yeshua ~

1. Pristine Prayer

2. Caring Parent

3. B’shem

4. Shared Prayer

5. Braided Prayer

6. Singing the Children Awake

7. Amen

8. Supernal Word of Spiraling Light

9. Reprise of Amen

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