There are a great number of websites and books that relate to Yeshua and the spirit he embodied.  We live in special times, when we have access to such resources and so many awakening brothers and sisters now!


Websites related to Yeshua (Jesus) via his original words in Aramaic: gives an overview of the pioneering work of Saadi Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, a scholar, mystic, and Sufi teacher who has introduced Yeshua as Aramaic speaking Jewish leader to thousands of us. Saadi’s books and courses (both in person and via cd) are hugely influential in my healing vis a vis Yeshua, “God,” and myself. shares close to 50 years of Dr Rev Errico’s life which has been dedicated to learning and teaching what Jesus said in Aramaic. Dr. Errico learned directly from Dr. George Lamsa, a native-Aramaic speaking Christian teacher from the Near East. This site connects with “Aramaic Pathways” via gives access to mature students of Dr Errico’s work who now share this work via on line courses. They give links to live-streaming Dr. Errico, and to recorded talks; and they host blogs that connect people exploring the Aramaic Jesus. was created by Maryn Boess, a student of both Saadi and Dr. Errico. Her site has user-friendly essays and links.


Websites about Judaism that Yeshua’s teachings were a part of: (about Rabbi Zalman, founder of Jewish Renewal) (cutting edge Judaism)


Websites featuring a version of Christianity in sync with Yeshua’s words in Aramaic: (Cynthia Bourgeault) (Center for Action and Contemplation, Fr Richard Rohr)



Torah Journeys by Rabbi Shefa Gold

Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi (especially Jewish with Feeling)

Rabbi David Zaslow (especially Jesus: First Century Rabbi)

The Path of Blessing by Rabbi Marcia Prager

Father Thomas Keating

Rabbi Jill Hammer and Holly Taya Shere (Siddur ha Kohannot)

…. there are so many more…. stay tuned


Other websites, people, and books that celebrate the consciousness Yeshua exemplifies:  (Religious Science)  (Thich Nhat Hahn)

Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hahn


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